CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) an ISACA certification aims to provide expertise in information security governance, program development and management, incident management and risk management.

CISM help professionals learn best security practices and provides proficiency in managing IT security for organizations. It gives knowledge to professionals on risk management process and ways on how to develop information security program. This course also focuses on skills required for incident management. Post completion of this course, you would be able to develop incident response plan, define business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, develop risk management program, develop information security policies and procedures.

The CISM Domains

CISM certification proves your expertise in the following domains.

Who Can Do It

This certification is beneficial for:
·       Security Managers
·       Information Security Directors
·       Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
·       Chief Compliance and Risk Officers
·       Business Information Security Officers (BISOs)
·       Information Security Consultants

The CISM Exam

You can take CISM exam in any of the 1300 PSI location all over the world. You can opt any of the 4 language (English, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish) for the exam.

Exam is of 4 hours and consists 150 multiple choice objective questions. Passing marks are 450 on the scale of 800. You can have pass in each domain. Failure in any of the domain is considered as FAIL in exam.
You can plan and register the CISM exam by following the below URL: